Tommy Bourque, digital video/animation, 2 min 52 sec loop, 2020
Death is inevitable. Death is expected, rejected, objected (to), and abjected. Human beings fall victim to mortality (just as everything that lives does), and we progress throughout life trying to overlook or ignore this notion of expiry. However, it is our relationship with death that permits us to resolve and to come to understand our respective experiences of being alive and our own identities as living. Throughout my life, I have come to realize that the passing of specific individuals (both those close to me and those who are not) transforms the way I perceive my own identity and my own personal reality. I question, “Who am I?” just as much and just as often as I question, “Why am I?”, and I explore in my studio research and practice these queries via positioning my artwork as assessments of posthuman bodies that embody abject and uncanny ideology through their physicality and visual aesthetic. I am consistently inspired and challenged by Julia Kristeva’s notions of abjection and of horror as well as by Sigmund Freud’s explorations of the uncanny.