St. Mary's car wash station
St. Mary's rustic building/landscape
Misty fields and electrical towers/lines
We have since long-forgotten our submission to Mother Nature that, in our ignorance, we’ve internalized as the reverse. Power towers are human interventions into the untouched world, and we build them hidden just enough from us to be out of sight and at once hinting at architectural sprouts that, of course, grow much higher than the natural world. These towers stand strong – electrical titans walking through the land – and they know what we refuse to remember.
Flower fields with morning mist
There exists a sneaky dichotomy between the everyday beautiful in and of nature in tandem with its everyday uncanny. The florality inherent in the tall, green stems with the gentle pink blooms suggests flowers and love poetry, but their subtle plasticity, weed-like tendrils, and fly-trap-esque jaws denote more of an eerie threat. Same with the approaching haze. Is this the naïve world that surrounds us and borders us – a veiled utopia – or is does it know exactly what it’s doing?