This work is an ongoing structural installation that evolves and progresses through the continuous addition of objects that neither belong nor don’t belong. The work as a whole takes on new meaning via the accumulation of both found objects and recycled objects that once had a presupposed purpose. The bringing together of these objects form enduring negotiations of the antithetical and unusual relationships taking place within the structure. These relationships embody excessive meaning just like the body of the monster. The malleable installation/digital projection takes on many forms and is dependent on the current state and time it is to be presented.

Currently, it takes on a visual representation of an urban landscape animated and filled with unexpected visual content. The wording of the title, Appearance of the Simplest Truth, comes from an automatic process à la Breton in which I randomly opened a physical copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and pointed at a line of her writing. Taken completely out of context and not attributed to Shelley, this chance phrase ties together the surrealistic process and reception of this work.
Appearance of the Simplest Truth, 2020-21. Mixed media progressive sculptural installation.
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